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We are a team which has the storage experts with more than 10 years' experience. We have designed a storage product with single cluster storage data exceeding EB and 99.9999% availability per week for two consecutive years.

We spent more than four years to develop QStora, a software-defined storage controller that is completely independent of specific hardware, because we believe that the real software-defined storage should be able to be downloaded, installed and used like other software.


QStora is still in the trial operation stage now.

We want to know whether the pure software is welcomed in the field of distributed block storage. We also hope that you can send us feedback on all kinds of problems you encountered during the use of QStora. We will continually evolve and improve the product quality to provide better and more powerful functions.  


QStora is free to download, install and use at the current stage, and user can obtain online technical support through this website. 

Of course, we will only provide professional technical support to a portion of users according to our service ability, to ensure that users can obtain high-quality service. After the product is officially launched, this part of users can also have the priority to experience the new product features, and have the opportunity to use the product permanently and for free.

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